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Somefood historians state Monkey Bread was a collaborative culinary product of ZaSu Pitts (actress & accomplihsed cook/cook book author) and Ann King (her African-American Albany Texas cook).

Askyour local public librarian to help you find a copy of this book.]Related food? .

Many of the foods ordinarily associated only with Western cuisineharmonize astonishingly well with sushi rice...You will find this hybrid "East-West" sushi can beexpanded to include many new tempting treats suited to your family's tastes.

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Judging by their availability and the frequency of their consumption by many ethnic groups, chappati and roti, especially, are still some of the most popular Indian foods in the Caribbean."
---, Lynn Marie Houston [Greenwood Press:Westport CT] 2005 (p.

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(2) Other recipes in this chapter are Subgum Chow Mean, Chun Fa Gai Chow Mein, Kwei Fa Chow Mein, Lan Fa Chow Mein, Beef Chow Mein (Ngow Yup Chow Mein), Chicken Chow Mein (Gai Chow Mein), Chicken Chow Mein with Green Pepper, Chicken Chow Mein with Mushrooms, Chicken Chow Mein with Pineapple, Lobster Chow Mein (Loong Ha Chow Mein), Shrimp Chow Mein (Ha Chow Mein) & Shrimp Chow Mein Chinese Style (Ha Yan Chow Mein).]
La Choy is one ofthe oldest and most well-known brands of American-made mass-produced Chinese food sold toconsumers and foodservice operations--you can ask them questions about their products.

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[NOTE: This book as plenty of information on the introduction of Chinese food toAmerica...ask your librarian to help you find a copy.]"Chow Mein, or "fried noodles," is a casual dish which calls for parboiled noodles (previouslydrained dry and chilled) to be cooked with other ingredients, somewhat in the manner of friedrice; that is, the noodles and the other ingredients are fried separately, then combined and cookeduntil nearly done."
---, Gloria Bley Miller [Grosset & Dunlap:NewYork] (p.

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Yes, this food (and many others) has endured several changes over theyears...from indigenious cooks to Americanized restaurant selections to canned versions andfrozen entrees.

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In Han times, "noodle food," in a broad sense, was known as ping ("cakes"), while the character for mein was defined as wheat flour in the standard dictionary...That noodle foods came into existence in the Han period but not earlier may be explained by the simple fat that the techniques required for large-scale flour grinding were not available to the Chinese until the Han...We can...assume that the Han Chinese made wheat flour around the second half of the first century B.C.

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This makes it a rare and highly prized delicacy which is most precious to a Chinese food goumet and which has become popular among Filipinos...However, did to its ability to swell in boiling water, very small amounts are needed to make soup." In making thier nests, the birds cement scaffolding of tiny twigs together with a sticky substance which has been variously indentified as coming from regurgitated seaweed, such as agar-agar, or as being simlpy the bird's own saliva.