Beginner’s Circle of Control and Concern

by Ciaron O’Reilly

A remarkable journey of nonviolent resistance, inspired by the struggle of the East Timorese, Ciaron tells the tale of a life dedicated to nonviolent resistance. Ciaron’s ideas are an inspiring challenge to conventional response to injustice. This is a tale of a journey of Australians and Britons awakened by the heroism of the East Timorese people, a people who refused to accept an Indonesian military invasion of their country that was facilitated by the international community.

Ciaron O’Reilly takes us on a nonviolent journey from the boardrooms of Brisbane mining companies to the high tech hangers of British Aerospace, Lancashire. He takes us from coffee with Australian counter terrorist operatives, through the pulpits of the Catholic Church, to attempted infiltration by the British Special Branch. British Aerospace take Ciaron and his colleagues to the High Court while the police arrest them.

The Circle of Silence: A personal testimony before, during and after Baliboby Shirley Shackleton

Wow, look at that. The circle of control has really grown! And when reviewing this new more advanced circle, we see that all sorts of fancy new options have been added in blue. This person, while carefully avoiding the distractions of any of the irrelevant items in red, has gained influence over many more things. And thus things you could once only worry about, are now things you can control. Which is probably what you wanted in the first place.

The Circle Of Violence Must Stop..

Advanced Circle of Control

By expanding your circle of influence, some of those things which you may have previously had little or no ability to impact you may now have a greater ability to exert influence over. You’re now working on something that you are concerned about and have influence over. As you continue to do so your influence increases and your ability to enact change does too.

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shows that the story of Timor-Leste as much more than the narrow litany of conflict and violence often presented in the media. Increasingly, it is becoming a story about the exploitation of oil and gas, and whether Timorese leaders can steward the revenues they receive from these resources to benefit a rapidly expanding population.

"What was that?" my partner asked

Looking at the Advanced Circle of Control above, I just don’t see how a smartphone would enhance our lives. From time to time we do volunteer advocacy work at the state and local levels. That often entails educating elected officials on issues that may not be on their radar screens. For that, a desktop computer is a great time saver since it’s so much easier to read on a big screen and do research, cut and paste material, and send e-mails.

How Bullying Affects Children | Violence Prevention Works

This is an amazing representation for me! Over the weekend, I was trying to explain my specific brand of control freak to my friends. I try to control down to the very specific details anything in that inner circle, but I don’t care at all about anything in that outer circle. I’ll never get into a hot debate about crap I don’t think I have much control over at all like current political policies or drama, but I have gotten worked up about getting people to actually vote.

Violence Wheel - Domestic Violence

Second, a lot of things outside my circle of control are just plain interesting. As pointed out (unintentionally?) by the picture used on the post title. It’s pretty hard to imagine* something further from my personal circle of control than the giant black holes that exist at the center of (most if not all) galaxies, but isn’t it an interesting thing to know?