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Joe was trained and qualified in Ireland and has worked for both leading financial services companies and international law firms. Joe is a commercial lawyer practising between Dubai and Mauritius since 2008. He is qualified to practice in three jurisdictions and acts regularly for banks and companies in a wide range of both contentious and non contentious matters including corporate, energy, private equity, aviation and international transactions. As well as being a member of TMI, Joe is also a partner at renowned niche commercial law firm, Davidson & Co and prior to that was an Associate with the international law firm Maples and Calder.

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One option for individuals who are absolutely certain that they want to work on public international law, or who would like to practice private international law with a possible eye to later government service, is to pursue a combined JD/MPA or JD/MPP degree. More on the MPA and MPP degrees below, but this option involves gaining separate admission to the two programs. Typically a semester is shaved from the law school curriculum and a semester is shaved from the MPA or MPP curriculum, and the entire process takes four years.

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Amsterdam Law School offers students information, workshops and individual vocational counseling through its Career Services Programme.

The ever increasing importance and complexity of public international law is reflected in an increasing demand for professionals specializing in this area of law. The Public International Law track prepares you for a wide range of career paths. Our graduates can for example be found in:

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The Programme allows for students to tailor their studies according to their particular interests, while compulsory courses provide a firm grounding in public international law. Small tutorials and intensive courses facilitate a deeper exploration of the most pressing questions in the field with professors and practitioners at the cutting edge of international law.

Since a career in human rights law can take you anywhere ..

The LL.M. in International Law is also profoundly committed to developing the transferable skills necessary to succeed in the professional world. To this end, law clinics, workshops on legal writing, presentation skills and career development, as well as a variety of network-building events, provide the best possible springboard from which to launch or advance a career in international law.

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magine being an international human rights lawyer. Jetsetting round the globe, setting the world's highest courts alight with spectacular oratory performances, radically changing the lives of the most vulnerable. Hell, there's probably a Nobel peace prize in there somewhere too right?

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Think again. There are actually very few lawyers who would describe themselves as international human rights lawyers, partly because there are so few opportunities to practise in this competitive area but also because most would not regard it as a practice area in itself.