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Jasmine took another step. Her pretty little feet were now permanently arched for the high heels she was wearing. A classic Barbie doll trait. As she prepared food, her body seemed to contort itself into a sexy pose, bending on her new joints. A doll’s joints!

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committed to Barbie as a fashion-focused 9-year-old in 1977 and has since amassed a rotating collection of more than 400 dolls. Their outfits span the decades, satiating his love of 20th century style.

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Since then, Barbie has become a more dynamic model with cultural and feminist inclinations. Mattel now sells newer dolls, such as Wonder Woman and Misty Copeland, alongside the classics.

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On Saturday, collectors gathered to indulge a childhood-pastime-turned-grown-up-obsession: Buying new Barbies and dressing them up. They delighted in adding limited editions to their collections, some of which include thousands of dolls.

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More than 700 attendees from around the world convened at the four-day event to discover rare Barbies, design tiny outfits and discuss the history of one of America's most iconic dolls.

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Barbie dolls and accessories that survived cleaning sprees, childhood tantrums and playroom purges covered the bottom floor of the in downtown Houston Saturday, the last day of the .

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